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About WeSave

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WeSave is the Nation’s first no-cost discount network and loyalty program exclusively for an exclusive workforce - active and retired public employees at the state and local government level.

WeSave Rewards delivers:

  • discounts from local retail merchants
  • deals from the most popular national brands
  • a mobile app to find discounts and deals on the go
  • WeSave Points and cash credits on top of discounts employees receive
  • the WeSave Points Catalog where employees can redeem WeSave Points and cash credits for even greater discounts

Our Team

The WeSave Rewards team has knowledge and background in savings. The concepts and tools were instilled in us by our families and have served us well in our lives. The WeSave program provides us the opportunity to share our knowledge, and that of others, directly with a deserving population.


    Program Manager

    RJ has been an integral part of the research, development, testing, and market application of the loyalty processes now incorporated as part of the Source, Inc. business model. Prior to joining Source, R.J. advised in numerous fields as a technology and financial consultant. He has brokered over 20 mega online portals for clients with international technology teams from Canada and India in the early e-commerce years and developed the architecture for a well-known educational software platform. Read More He has been a business financial consultant for a large “Benefits and Rewards” company and acted as cost analyst for several major companies, including launching over 100,000 merchants on implementation of early debit card technology, and has advised companies on purchasing decisions including negotiating a 150,000 products direct to manufacturer deal. In real estate R.J. has acted as professional consultant and project manager for commercial developments and resort properties assisting with contracts, business development, purchasing & operations.Read Less


    Project Director

    Recycle, repurpose and reuse was a family motto that was instilled at an early age. Raised by Depression era parents Jacque quickly learned the value of a dollar and the necessity of making every penny of it count. Additionally as a single mother she found creative and new ways to stretch her income to ensure that basic needs as well as extras were available for her children. Jacque has interacted with local, state and federal agencies for the past fifteen years, most recently as the WeSave Project Director. Read More Her familiarity with the unique constraints dealing with government entities as well as her ability to build synergetic relationships and identify the interests of those in the public sector have made her an invaluable asset to WeSave Rewards.Read Less


    Human Resources

    WeSave prides itself on building strong relationships with HR Departments and the people in charge of providing benefits to their employees. Working together with HRs, WeSave sends emails, newsletters, and flyers to HR Departments to share new discounts, as well as limited time offers, contests and giveaways, with their employees. We rely on HR to spread the word regarding WeSave and how it benefits their employees. When a merchant wants to offer a state employee discount, HR refers them to WeSave... Read More so that their offer can be posted and easily found by WeSave members. Additionally, WeSave works with State HR Departments to help promote their special messages and events throughout the State.Read Less

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A member of the Help Worldwide Network

WeSave Rewards is part of the Help Worldwide Network. Help Worldwide recognizes the challenges that face our world, and believes in the people and organizations working to solve them. Centered on a coopetition business model, Help Worldwide is a global network of socially-conscious consumers and businesses that want to make a difference, and charities seeking to support important causes around the world. HELP stands for the Humanitarian Empowerment Loyalty Program and its goal is to help support humanity by generating charitable donations with everyday shopping. Check out for more information.


Everyday savings to help you live better

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    Receive incredible discounts when you shop at local merchants and the most popular national brands such as Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Kmart, and more!


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Reach an untapped market and grow your business by marketing to State Employees and Retirees! WeSave Rewards understands your struggle to show appreciation for the employees of the state you love and operate in when many states cannot publicize your offers as it can be perceived that the state is endorsing the vendor. With direct and long-standing relationships with State HR Departments, WeSave Rewards is the best solution for merchants to offer discounts as benefits to state employees!

WeSave Rewards has built and delivered State Employee & Retiree Discount Programs in Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia at NO COST to the state and NO COST to the employee/retiree.


Discount Merchant

Discount Merchants offer incredible exclusive discounts to WeSave Rewards Members for savings on their products and services. If you have a discount or deal that you’d like to offer to Members to drive more business, let us know. Your deal will be uploaded and blasted to our Member database across multiple platforms real-time. Keep your discounts and deals updated for millions to view!


WeSave Rewards is able to directly market discounts to state employees through, marketing campaigns, state events, and our very own WeSave Rewards mobile app!

Customized marketing plans fit every budget! WeSave Rewards proudly offers the following marketing options:

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